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Ok, Here is a start to my collection of comments regarding the book and the controversy it raises. Where possible I will put a link to the comment.

Email: Name witheld as this man is still a Jehovah's Witness (I think):

I listened to your three videos on The Book of Revelation. I really appreciated the way you illuminated who these "Kings of the earth" really are. I was struck with the thought at Rev 16:14 and questioned myself, "If the Wild beast itself represent the 'kings' or 'political powers of the earth' or 'the entire political organization of Satan' , then why would the Wild Beast go forth to the pagan "kings of the earth" when itself (Wild beast) encompasses the pagan "kings of the earth?'" That's like going forth to themselves. It seems clear to me that the "kings of the earth" here at Rev 16:14 are "John's Brothers" not the pagan kings of the earth. I wanted to thank the Most High God, Jehovah, as well as you for making this clear. Yes, Ii see the consistent references to 'kings of the earth' from Revelation Chapter 1 all the way through the book. Yes, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses (18 years) and I can only imagine the backlash I will receive when I reason this out with the other Brothers. Oh my.

Email: From the same man above after he read the book:

Able B. Man,

I ordered and received your book; and over a two day span read it from beginning to end.

I am convinced that the contents are true. I am going to read it again. I find it most interesting that once one is disellowshipped, others in the congregation are not allowed to speak with them. Now isn't that convenient?

What I appreciate the most about you is that you love the Jehovah and His Christ and getting at the the truth of a matter; that you recognize that that there is an "Evil Slave" that will exclude and persecute his own Brothers for speaking the truth.

It was nearly 18 years ago when I was first exposed to this "Great City". And, I am glad that I have learned a great many things about the Bible. But before that, I remember asking the God in heaven to show me the truth no matter how unpleasant. He has answered me.

As I was reading your book, and looking up the supporting scriptures, I knew deep down that it was truthful. But at the same time, I knew that many of those who I know "in the organization" will have a difficult time with it. But I know I cannot remain silent over this.

I know I will asked to study the Bible with an experienced Elder to get "re-programmed." Of course I will decline.

I have stopped attending the meetings and have attended my last celebration of the Lords Evening Meal at the KH.

Now I must withdraw from this city.

I will drop you a line from time to time to let you know how things are going, Brother.

Thank you so much and may Jehovah richly bless you.


Anonymous said...
I am currently an inactive JW.

I have read and closely examined the book "The Bible Report" and I must admit that it's contents are true. Any JW who would read it would have an unsettling feeling in their gut that it is true. Tho' many would not admit it to the other members of the congregation for fear of being labeled an apostate and getting disfellowshipped. Thus is the tight hold "the organization" has over them. There is no doubt that Jehovah's Holy Spirit is with you and over this work. I for one, will do all I can to assist our Brothers and Sisters to "get out of her."


mrgalleria said...
You did well, only with Jehovah's help could you come to this understanding, as you know. A discussion on the fulfillment of this prophesy is here-


Anonymous said...
I have to say being a JW and just going through the revelation book, what I have read in your blogs I understand %100, and that really scares me.
If what has been printed here is from one of the annointed then is'nt that still spiritual food from the annointed class?
So either the class of JW's is doomed, or your doomed for apostasy?

I have an open mind on this, but will have to look more into these things.

Indeed, very hard times ahead my friend if what you write is true!


journeytoforever said...
It takes a very courageous man to do this,coincidently,I was thinking earlier today,I wonder if Jehovahs witnnese orginization is the roaring lion spoken of in the bible,,I have many stories myself,about what that religion has done to harm me and my family...
Our father is one still,now has been for 40 years,I am wondering if it is driving him insane,nothing else but the constant drilling of the JW propaganda matters to these people,even thier own children,unless they are going to the meetings....You have to be in the "truth"or they will disown you!!!
And that is the truth...
If something is true why must it be called truth,named truth,almost like chinese torture,water on the forhead,drip drip forever....isnt truth just simply truth,Gods truth does not change,but JW truth changes dramaticaly over the years,I was born in it in 1968,I got out at 16,because the hipocrasy was frightening # 1 and # 2 even as a small child I listened to thier words and could not believe no matter how many meetings I attended this could not be from God...because God and Jesus are Love,not judgement and splitting families apart...
I have alot to say about this...
Just wanted to say,I think I found this site for a reason,things are getting worse in the religion,they are making more prophecies,and both my JW parents are getting more and more paranoid in this.JWs is a cult and I believe the ship is going down,and the devil is roaring about like a lion seeking to devour knowing he only has a short time left,that is what I was thinking today,of this scripture,and of this scripture applying to the JWs how strange that I found your info on this,on the same day this thought occured to me????


Anonymous said...
The disgusting thing is really disgusting!


Anonymous said...
Thought this was a very interesting alternate translation of as verse mentioned in your blog.

Isaiah 66 New Living Translation
5 Hear this message from the Lord,
all you who tremble at his words:
“Your own people hate you
and throw you out for being loyal to my name.
‘Let the Lord be honored!’ they scoff.
‘Be joyful in him!’
But they will be put to shame.

“Your own people hate you
and throw you out for being loyal to my name.

very interesting.


Anonymous said...
Please notice on this official Jehovah's Witness web page that Baptism is listed at the top of the "Membership and Organization" topic.



Anonymous said...
I Have listen to your vidéo 666, and in that vidéo you say that the JW sell thing's and buy, jus to rectify, here in Québec we do not selle anything, but we accept if offered amount of money that we send to the organisation.
I am myself exclued for speaking and studing with excluded person or that has stopped preaching and going to reunion.
I Have also listo to the other video concerning 2 Thessaloniciens 2 and I agree with you, because we the studying person excluded have came to the same conclusion, and have put theses finding in some site in france. I am not to god in English nor in computor, so for now I will use anonymous since I dont seam


DJ Poetech said...
Very deep and enlightening thoughts bro. Please continue to get the word out about the subtlest golden calf ever.

I came to my senses last Oct and left officially in April. Have not turned back since. The freedom in Jesus is better than slavery with any religious organization.


Anonymous said...
Wow, I have seen many of your videos and read your blogs, very insightful, I think Jehovah's people need to see these things you have put forth and make up their own mind.

I will continue to watch.


MTI said...
Excellent blog!

I'll put you in my blog list

Keep it up


siaxares said...
I'm an XJW witness also and am indeed so very happy. I'm of the anointed and an anointed one faithful to the scriptures and not to the false JW organization who are the "man of lawlessness" per my interpretation.


Anonymous said...
I would expect that you will get lots of negative comments from all other religions especially since your explanation confirms that the JW's are "The True Religion". People will crawl out of the woodwork to take shots at you. JW's will hate you and every other reigion will too. If anyone agrees with you then they most definately will be a very special people.


Anonymous said...
I understand what your saying ablebodied man, but what are we to do now with this new knowledge?

Are we now meant to show this information to all we know?

How far could we get before being disfellowshipped.