From the Author

The title of the book leaves little doubt that Jehovah’s Witnesses are its intended audience. Any discerning person however, should eventually realize by the time they reach the last pages how the entire world now stands on the very brink of its end. Almost every one of the end time prophecies in the bible has already been fulfilled. This has happened while escaping the notice of the entire generation of people now living on the earth. If you do reach the last pages while fully appreciating these things, then you will be counted in amongst just a very few. You should then be able to completely sympathise with my personal dilemma. How do I tell these things to a world which desperately needs to know them and yet does not want to listen? Even worse, how do I tell these things to a Jehovah’s Witness who is admonished at five meetings a week to not listen to anything other than what its Governing Body allows them to believe. They truly are being restrained from understanding truths about the man of lawlessness and many other reprehensible transgressions. My hope is that once away from the thing acting as a restraint the real truths might be quickly and readily available to them. The book represents my personal investment in that hope. If you are a discerning reader who reached the last pages of the book you might now be wondering the same as I often do. Will this book be enough? Could I have said something more? Are there explanations which could be further elucidated and so widen the discerning audience? If you know the answers to these questions then a very large obligation now belongs to you! What is at stake? The welfare of this entire world’s population. Welcome to my dilemma.
In 2nd Thessalonians Chapter 2 the Apostle Paul describes Satan’s success using words like power, wonder and in some translations even the word miracle is used. Would the Apostle Paul have used these words if he was expecting Satan to undermine false religion? The Governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses would prefer this is what you believed. If Satan is to be so incredibly successful then he will have undermined God’s TRUE Kingdom when the conclusion of this system of things shortly arrives. The discerning reader who reaches the last pages of the book should agree that Satan’s success has been extremely spectacular! If you arrived at the last page and find yourself agreeing with the above statement then Satan’s unrighteous deception has been properly exposed. You, the discerning reader, will have conquered Satan.


Numbers 6:24-26

With Love in Christ

Able. B. Man.