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If the scriptures in the bible are really true, then at some time we should be able to measure them against tangible events, which are actually occurring in our recent history. By keeping on the watch for these events we can make decisions saving our own lives and perhaps many others. The bible does indicate that most people will be surprised by the sudden arrival of Jesus Christ however; it also indicates that a small remainder will have kept on the watch and will understand what is happening during the time of the end. They would see through Satan’s Unrighteous Deception. (2nd Thessalonians 2:13) The words written on these few pages with supporting scriptures will help the discerning reader to:

· see the disgusting thing standing in a holy place.
· understand what the holy place is.
· understand who the man of lawlessness is.
· understand who is acting as a restraint and
· how he gets to be out of the way.
· how the man of lawlessness enters the temple and
· how he lifts himself up above a god.
· Understand what the apostasy is mentioned by the Apostle Paul.
· Understand who Babylon the Great really is and why.
· what the unclean expressions are and who they really gather together.
· who the drunkards are and
· what it means to eat and drink with them.
· What Satan’s Unrighteous Deception is
· and how extremely successful it’s been.
· See the way to real understanding of the bible
· What the seven headed wild beast represents.
· Understand a sacred secret.
· Which head received the death-stroke.
· Who the 10 kings are.
· Why the 10 kings do not yet have a kingdom
· How they give their power to the wild beast.
· What the name of the wild beast is.
· Why it’s a man’s number.
· Where to find the information to calculate the number.
· Why the number really is 666.

The combined total of these fulfillments should cement the fact that the end of the world is really about to happen, the conclusion of this system of things. Your faith in God’s plan as outlined in the bible will be solidified. If the reader is indeed a righteous person you will likely be surprised at how far reaching Satan’s Unrighteous Deception has been and yet relieved that you have been helped to see through it. The reader is expected to be a person who is well read in the scriptures however, by carefully examining scriptural references in your own bible a person less familiar should reach the end while still appreciating the profundities.
The reader could turn to the last pages and quickly find answers to the name and number of the wild beast however, you may do yourself a disservice as the rationales and profundities may elude you. Until the disgusting thing is seen and understood the wild beast and its number cannot be so easily reconciled. It is recommended that the words be read, verified and contemplated from the beginning first, in order to make the words towards the end more easily understood. The mysteries of the bible have eluded the wisest and most intelligent men for many centuries. Hopefully the reader will understand that even now they still cannot be easily summarized and so quickly imparted to any man. The discerning reader who reaches the end of these pages should eventually understand why this admonishment was necessary.
If the reader persists to the end there should be left no doubt that Jehovah’s Witnesses are living in the very same kingdom that our King Jesus Christ mentioned so often throughout the bible. The end time prophecies really are being fulfilled by Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. The writer attempts to first show the thing acting as a restraint in the hope that it prepares the reader for the new truths which will reveal the “man of lawlessness”. Please expect that some of these new truths will be difficult to bear. Jesus Christ himself withheld truths from his audience because he knew they would not be able to bear them. Remember and consider that his audience even included the twelve Apostles. After reaching the end the reader might spend some time musing about why Jesus Christ would not tell them these things and fully appreciate his benevolent concern. The writer of these words cannot righteously take any credit and so remains anonymous. The reader with great joy should eventually recognize in the pages which follow, who really is behind the insights being imparted here.

"the spiritual man examines all things”